1000 Tracks Targa Rally 2021

Heads of the Valleys Auto Club are pleased to present the 1000 Tracks Targa Road Rally – on the 7th November 2021.
We would like to thank our sponsors – Tod Security & Fire – for their support of our new event.
This year we are departing from our usual night road rally format due to Covid-19 and running a daytime Targa rally although maintaining the same organising team of the last 10 years, providing almost 60 miles of no-nonsense but challenging rallying wholly contained in the Walters Arena complex. Although driven in a standard road car on standard tyres, the use of under-guarding and forest tyres is recommended for the more spirited driver.
Heads of The Valley Auto Club

1000 Tracks Targa Rally 2021 S.R’s

1000 Tracks Targa Rally 2021 Entry Form